Fun things to do in Budapest after your Bubble Football

Budapest is the emerging party metropolis of not just Eastern Europe, but the whole continent. As the seven largest capital of the union, metropolitan Budapest has seen an awesome boom of fun and party centered tourism in the last decade, making it one of the top travel destinations not just for Europeans, but for anyone around the world. But what other fun things can one do after a nice match of bubble football?

  Beer Bike Budapest

Beer bikes are one of the most peculiar crazes that hit the city of Budapest in the last couple of years. The concept is simple, you hop on a massive bike that accomodates up to 12 people, you get one of your mates to the beer tap, and off you go on a crazy beer fueled adventure! You also get to sing your favorite party tunes - to the delight of everyone onboard!

  Pub crawling

Football and beer do go hand in hand, and more often than not, we forget that this great sport is indeed a sport - meaning we have to run. Sometimes, at least. Luckily, bubble football is right in the sweetspot between mindless fun and healthy excersize! You get to run, you get to collide, you get to bounce - yes, you will break a sweat, yes, you will have fun doing so! How awesome is that?

  Escape Rooms

Enough of drinking, let’s jog the mind a little. Escape rooms are probably the bigest craze all across the globe right now, and guess what, they all started out here in Budapest! The concept is simple, you get a room full of puzzles, get locked into this room with your mates, and you all have usually sixty minutes to solve the riddles and puzzles in order to escape. If you get out, you win, if not, you lose! And if you ever feel that your legs are ready to go again, don’t worry, Bubble Football Budapest awaits!

Bubble Football Referee

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