There are many different versions on the origins of the game of football, as well as the betting business that turned into an enormous market today. You will have to wait a little to bet on bubble football matches in Budapest, but you can be certain that the day will come! Let’s take a look at the history of betting on football in a nutshell!

Nobody knows how it all began, but one thing’s for sure, it all started as an illegal gamble somewhere on the streets of England. Started in 1923, the first game that we can call betting was the football pool, where you could predict the winners of 12 subsequent matches, and the punter who had the closest picks won. Though focusing on dog and horse races, this was the time when the big bookmakers of the UK established themselves.

The 1960 Gambling Act marked a key milestone in football betting in the UK. This allowed betting shops to open and punters to bet on association football. Although now legalized, the rule was very strict, as you could only bet on games that were shown live on TV. Not to mention the fact that most of the betting shops were small, dark places, and the owners weren’t allowed to place advertisements and posters outside the shop.

Things started to change slowly in the 80’s and the 90’s when Sky Sports acquired the rights to screen Premier League matches on TV. As more games were broadcasted live each week, more opportunities rose for betting, which paved the way for more players to place their bets. A new method, called in-play betting was invented, when punters could place a bet while the game was shown live.

A true revolution came when online betting took shape by the beginning of the new millennium. Online bookies appeared from seemingly nowhere and quickly dominated the betting business. From here on, you could bet on yellow and red cards, penalties and even offsides, if you wanted to, from the comfort of your home. Since then, the industry didn’t stop growing.

If you’re a true football fan and you want to try your favorite sport with a twist, book a bubble football game in Budapest and discover your hidden potentials for the game!

Bubble Football Referee

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