Have you ever seen those people who just go around the field and playing football while they themselves are ensconced in a weird looking transparent ball? Do you ever wonder if they are out of their minds for even considering such an activity? Is it not more difficult to get a win when they are playing it in such conditions? Well, believe it or not, those people actually have a lot of fun playing football like that, and it’s called ‘bubble football’.

In Budapest, the best place to get a great bubble football is experience is by going to Bubble Football Budapest.

Bubble football is a great team building experience. It does not matter if you are just a group of teammates from school, or you are put together to complete a project for your job. Bubble football puts you in ridiculous looking Zorb balls, and gives you a hell of a lot of laughter while you are at it.

This activity makes team building fun and no longer the thing that everyone dreads the most. Sure, if you are a first timer, you may feel as if it is not worth your time, which we totally do not blame you for. However, we’re just asking you to give it a chance, because it’s better to be out here than to stay at home being a couch potato. You should totally participate in a bubble football game if you are looking for:

  • Fun
  • Balls
  • Laughter
  • Silliness
  • Utter transparency from your teammates as they vie for goals

They see you rollin’, they bubblin’.

If you are located in Budapest, wait no longer and look to build a camaraderie with your team right now by looking Bubble Football Budapest!

Bubble Football Referee

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