Why try Bubble Football Budapest with your mates?

Bubble football is the latest craze in Budapest, and deservedly so. Who would have thought that getting into huge bubbly donuts would be so fun - come to think of it, who would have thought it being NOT fun? The idea of bouncing about, kicking a ball and having morbidly tons of fun is as elemental as a child playing in the sun. Simple, giggling mindless joy

  It is the perfect group dayout

Whenever groups come to us to play bubble football, they always say at the end of the match that they cannot remember when was the last time they had such a fun and bonding expereince. Indeed, the unusual setting of huge bubbles, yet the similar joys of kicking a ball, combined together makes the perfect combination of familiar and unfamiliar! The best part? You get to share the excitement of exploration with your friends, making it a truly unique bonding expereince!

  It counts as activity

Football and beer do go hand in hand, and more often than not, we forget that this great sport is indeed a sport - meaning we have to run. Sometimes, at least. Luckily, bubble football is right in the sweetspot between mindless fun and healthy excersize! You get to run, you get to collide, you get to bounce - yes, you will break a sweat, yes, you will have fun doing so! How awesome is that?

  It is perfectly safe

Running head on to collide with one of your mates is not something one usually does - not sober, at least. Luckily for everyone involved, the bouncy nature of bubble football allows our guests to have mindless footballing fun, with nobody getting injured. The bubbles are all certified, and were created with a safety-first mindset. Strap your bubble on and prepare to have the time of your life! Bubble Football Budapest is dedicated to providing the best bubblefootballing expereince in the city. If you have any questions regarind our services, do not hesitate to contact our support any time - we are to help you!

Bubble Football Referee

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