Behind every great team stands an amazing coach. The heart and mind of the team, who is prepared for every situation and like a general, guides his team to success. Here’s the story of the iconic football managers of the ages.

You might wish that bubble football in Budapest qualify as an Olympic sport, that we it could be an official game with an official staff. Well, it’s not the case yet. In professional football, the coach plays a crucial role and keeps the team together during a match. His or her role involves strategy, skill, knowledge and intuition.

Who haven’t heard the name Franz Beckenbauer? So far, the Emperor is the only person to have won the World Cup as a player and as a manager. He was known for his great charisma that he could present on the pitch and in the locker. Beckenbauer never let his team down and strongly trained them not to concede a single goal. He was the one who lead Olympique Marseille to League 1 in 1991, he was the man behind the victory of Bayern Munich in Bundesliga in 1994 and the 1995-1996 UEFA Cup.

The Federation of Football History & Statistics appointed UK coach Sir Alex Ferguson to be the greatest coach of the 21st century, not without a reason. He started working with Manchester United in 1986 and lead the team for 25 years through glory and rough times. Ferguson was on good terms with his players, trusted and supported them, at the same time he demanded discipline on the pitch. He helped some young talents, like Wayne Rooney, Roy Keaneto, Eric Cantona, to reach their peak and become true classics.

Barcelona’s Pepp Guardiola is a man of inspiration. He gave Barca more titles than any other coach before him could, no surprise that he was awarded FIFA Ballon d'Or for best coach in 2011. His team was always of top performance with clear instructions on which strategy to follow. Guardiola has taken the famous tiki-taka strategy to its limits and proved his remarkable skills as a manager.

Football is a game of strategy and tactics of infinite complexity and skill. If you want to take part of a game, with a twist, try bubble football in Budapest and take the game to a whole new level!

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