We wanted to go through the most frequently asked questions and answers you might have and want to know. Everything that you need to know about the game, the preparation, the extras and all the things that were not mentioned in the previous pages, or articles. Here we have the answers to your questions. After you prepare based on this information, Bubble Football Budapest is looking forward to seeing you and having you as a guest this summer! 


What do you need to know about extra cheerleading?


Our amazing cheerleaders will ensure that your bubble football game is one to remember! With the ambience and energy supplied by a professional cheerleading group, you can take your team's motivation to the next level. These talented and attractive ladies will keep you going no matter what, which could spell the difference between winning and losing at bubble football. We arrange everything for you to meet these amazing girls at the football field when your game starts. When you book your game, ask about this extra service and make sure you book these beautiful girls together with your reservation.


Here's where you can hire cheerleaders for your bubble football game.


Can you play bubble football at any age? 


From the age of five, you can play the game. The whole family can enjoy this fun game together, no need to leave the smallest ones at home.


Are inflatable bubbles safe to use? 

The bubbles, also known as zorb balls, have been confirmed to be perfectly safe and are thoroughly tested prior to each game. You can easily breathe, run or talk inside the bubbles, there is not need to be afraid of them.


What is the duration of a game? 

Bubble football games usually last an hour, but you can reserve a longer time if you think you could handle it! We trust your senses, if you can play two games in a row, then just go for it! Fun and easy, but depending on the enemies, it can get quite exciting and tiring as well!


Is there a maximum weight for bubble football? 

The bubbles have a weight restriction of 110kg. Make sure, when you book your spots that no one is above this limitation, otherwise that person won’t be able to participate.


Bubble football can be played by how many people? 

We can accommodate two teams of up to 12 individuals (a total of 24), however bubble football can be played with as little as 6 persons. Of course, the more you're on the field the more fun the game is, so we recommend gathering everyone you think might be interested in this sport.


Are we allowed to play drunk? 

While bubble football is safe, bouncing around in bubbles while inebriated can induce considerable dizziness, hence it is not suggested to play while drunk. Play responsibly and respect the other players. 


Isn't it true that everything is allowed? 

Yes, within reason. But you have to be careful and play within limitations. Don’t forget that you are not alone on the field.


Bubble Football Referee

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