Okay, we’re not children anymore, but let’s admit: we can’t just pass by a giant bubble maker on the streets without any positive reactions, soap bubbles will always amaze us no matter what’s our age. Bubbles make everything... well, more bubbly. But be honest, it’s not just soap bubbles, somehow everything's better with bubbles involved.

Bubble Wrappers

Your order just arrived, what you’re gonna do first? There are two scenarios: open the box, take out all the regular wrappers and hold your desired item in your hands – or open the box and instantly fall in love with the bubble wrapper. Your ordered stuff is still in the box, you’re just sitting on the floor playing with the bubble wrapper, and ten minutes passed already without you even noticing it. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?


Bubble Baths

There’s no better thing to do after a long working day –especially in the colder seasons - than just enter your home, get rid of your clothes and take a hot shower.

Oh wait... There is one better thing to do though. It’s called a bubble bath. A tub filled with hot water and bubbles with relaxing scent, some calming music, maybe even candles around, a glass of wine, a good book - or your S.O. by your side... There are many more good options and ideas, it depends on your mood what to choose to unwind yourself at the end of the day.

Bubble Gum

Oh, sweet, innocent childhood! Collect the gang, go to the playground, ask the coolest kid for the bubble gums and make a competition – whoever can blow the biggest bubble of this coloured sugar ball will win all the baseball cards offered. Admit it, every time you pass by the bubble gums in the store you feel the jealousy that you can’t do this anymore. Okay, maybe you can, at home. Okay, maybe you do this occasionally at home. Okay, maybe not just at home...



A considerable amount of wine can make people heavily drunk as we know that. But what about wine with bubbles? Because the same amount of champagne will probably make you all chatty and put you in the perfect party mood. Or if you’re more into wine try the famous Hungarian spritzer – wine with soda. We promise it’s better with bubbles!


Bubble Football

As we said, bubbles make everything better – why would football be an exception? It’s highly recommended even if you never ever played football in your life. Wrap yourself in a huge bubble and play on the fields of Bubble Football Budapest with your friends, you’ll certainly have the football game of your life!

Bubble Football Referee

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