Football is often called the beautiful game, because it is much more than a sport. However, as with all things, there are times when the need arises to transcend the tribal nature of the sport, and show that we are more evolved than a bunch of apes kicking about a leather ball. This is when the need for sportsmanship arises, and this is when we can show what football really is about!  

One of the most common cases where sportsmanship presents itself on a football pitch is when the unfortunate happens: injury. We have all been there, going down and staying down after a bad tackle, and the same thought goes through everyone’s head: hope he can walk it off. Luckily, in most cases its just a knock, and the player can continue. The lesson here is that us footballers never wish injury on the other, even if we hate the guts of that player. Oh and, this is probably when we are to give back the ball too.

Another interesting thing that happens in footballing arenas is when something truly amazing happens. A well-timed tackle, an outlandish goal, or just celebrating the career of a remarkable player. You will notice that in rare occasions, even the fans of the opposing team will acknowledge the special nature of what just happened. And this is how you will know that the moment you are sharing is truly one for the books.

Maybe we are a sentimental bunch here at bubble football Budapest, but at the end of the day, it is all about having fun. Remember, football is called the beautiful game for a good reason, and that is it connects us all, brings communities together, and gives a good opportunity to enjoy each others company! Hold this close to your heart, and you will always be in love with the beautiful lady that is footie.

Bubble Football Referee

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