Bubble-football Budapest: Historic Penalties Missed

Even the greatest football players of the world can get it wrong sometimes, but to miss a penalty when your side needs you most is somewhat unforgivable. Let’s take a look at the most significant historic penalties missed from some of the greatest individuals to have ever played the game.

  To err is human

In the world of football you can be suddenly dismissed even if you have all the qualities to be the best manager in the field. Your reputation can be shattered by media even if you are a 30 goals per season striker, just because you haven’t scored in 4 games. In the world of football not even your name can save you from a media backlash even if you have scored a thousand goals to the opponent team. That same backlash contributes to degrading you from a champion to a Mr. Nobody who risks to be dismissed.

 The 1994 World Cup tragedy of Roberto Baggio

The 1994 World Cup tragedy of Roberto Baggio “The pressure is on him, he has to make it,” said the English television commentator before the Italian second striker placed the ball on the spot against Brazil in the World Cup final shoot-out. Unfortunately, he couldn’t do it. Roberto skied his effort over the bar and what follows is Italy’s worst nightmare.

 David Trezeguet and the lost World Cup Title

In 2006 the World Cup Final between Italy and France was decided on penalties. In the second round of penalties, Trezeguet hit the crossbar. The biggest disappointment was that his missed penalty in the shootout cost France the title.

The truth is that if we don’t have the chance to fail, to make a mistake, we don’t have the chance to learn. Miss your penalties at Bubble Football Budapest. We promise, your bad records won’t be taken too seriously!

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