Just like any sport, bubble football can have its own risks. With a few easy tricks, you can avoid all of them and have safe fun. Just follow our advices and your Budapest bubble football experience will be without worry! Check out our list below!

As with all sports, you need to warm your muscles before starting the game. A few little exercises, a few warming rounds of running around the track can get you ready of the match. This is very important though since cold muscles can get hurt easily and you don’t want to spend the rest of the game limping around the track. Just spend at least 10 minutes with simple exercises that move your muscles a bit!

Probably the only restriction in bubble football is the fact that you cannot play the game under the influence of alcohol or drugs. We don’t think it is a big surprise and we had no accidents so far, but we have a strict guideline on not letting people on the pitch when drunk. Bouncing around in a zorb bubble can cause enough irritation for your stomach and passing out or vomiting is not the thing you want to do in the ball.

When doing a lot of physical exercise, you need to keep your water levels in control. Basically, you have to refuel your body with enough liquids. As it is recommended, drink a little water when doing exercise, especially if it takes more than one hour. A sports drink will also suffice, if you prefer that.

We cannot ignore the importance of stretching after a long game of bubble football. As warming up gets the muscles ready for action, stretching relieves stress and contributes to the adequate fitness and length of tissues. You don’t have to overcomplicate the thing, a simple 10 minute stretching session with around 5 exercises concentrating on your legs, hips and back can have the right effect.

So, if you feel ready to try bubble football in Budapest, you’re more than welcome to do so! Check out our site for the latest deals and offers for a one of a kind adventure in the amazing world of football!

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