Outdoor pursuits and sports are almost always more enjoyable when the weather is nice since time spent outside in the fresh air is beneficial for everyone. No of your age, everyone, young and old alike, can benefit from participating in a physically vigorous afternoon activity. Although a lot of people enjoy watching and playing football, it's not for everyone. But what if we are able to shake things up a little bit?

In Bubble Football Budapest, there are fewer regulations, there is no yellow card, and it is perfectly acceptable to collide with the opposing team while looking silly. For those who are already passionate about football, it adds a new layer of excitement to the game, while for those who aren't as interested in the sport, it can make it more exciting. Everyone will have a good time if you spend an hour rolling around in a Zorb ball that covers your entire body; also, you will be worn out enough for the rest of the day.

Are you intrigued by this exciting activity? Simply provide Bubble Football Budapest with the correct day and the amount of teams competing, and they will handle everything else. The cost of the package includes use of a football field for one hour of gameplay; however, if you wish to participate in football for a longer period of time, they can make arrangements to reserve more gaming time for you. Zorb balls are also included in the fee, and a referee will be offered if you don't already have one within your group of friends. And last but not least, something that everyone will find hard to resist: endless beer! You won't need to worry about being thirsty at any point during the game!

If you're searching for something unique to do in Budapest or maybe you're planning a fun team-building session, you should absolutely give Bubble Football a shot since it will be an experience you'll never forget!

Bubble Football Referee

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