Team building is part of every company’s routine, every company wants to entertain and impress the employees by offering them something cool and extraordinary. Why would your company do differently? We would like to make everyone feel at home and make their stay in Budapest as pleasant as possible, so we collected all the possible ways to have fun on a team building in the city. 


Bubble football is a different type of fun, a different activity you can play outdoors. Outdoor fun equals big risk. Thankfully Hungary’s weather is pleasant and enjoyable in the summer, in the spring and even in the autumn. No wonder so many people and tourists are choosing this destination as their holiday summer city. Warm nights, lovely people and amazing food. That is what Budapest is all about. 


We collected some of the top team building activities that you should avoid at all costs, and came up with the conclusion, tha Bubble football is probably the most creative and fun decision that you can possibly make.


The trust fall is something that people love to do, especially in public, especially in big parties, in front of many people. This is also an exercise that can easily go wrong if we don't pay enough attention.

There is perhaps no team-building exercise more infamous than the trust fall. In this activity a person closes her/his eyes, crosses her/his arms, and blindly falls backwards into the arms of a colleague. Sounds fun? We don’t think so! Although this activity is designed to build support and trust between employees, unfortunately, it doesn’t always pan out this way. As a fun move, colleagues often trick the 

We sholud feinitely avoid team building parties that will go super hardcore. You do not want to embarrass yourself in front of the boss, your colleagues or your supervisors. If you are new at the company, if you just started a few months ago and you want to make sure you make a good impression, then feel free to skip these parties and suggest some other activities to the HR. 


At parties like this, many things can go wrong – we do not want to go into details really. Trust us, we have seen enough, no need to play with the devil. 


It is a great idea to avoid activities like a mud wrestling show, unless it is only the boys who attend or unless you really trust your colleagues – what happens on a team building stays at the team building. 


At Bubble football Budapest it is a great advantage that you can mix up the colleagues, mix up the team, this way no one is playing with their favorite teammates, people can get to know eachother better and you can experience the possibility of creating better teams, better groups, that might come handy at work later on.


We could go on forever with the bad ideas, but why not have a good day, where we can assure you, nothing will go wrong. We and other people have tried it already. We have tested it many times, so your task is to enjoy it. 


Bubble Football Referee

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