Deep down we all love to see people fail, maybe even suffer a bit -ok, not too much, just keep it fun! These are called fails, but what is the best kind of fail? The one that looks painful, yet no-one gets hurt. There may be tears, but only of joy - since everyone is laughing. Oh, and in an ideal fail includes at least one ball - because you know, sport is love, sport is life, and with bubble football, fails come naturally.

To do so, get a group of men together, give them balls (no dirty thoughts neccessary), and be part of an epic football fail party featuring bubbles! The rules are simple. Get in the ball, make an attempt to score, and maybe beat the you-know what out of each other by doing so. The best part? No matter how hard you try, no one can get hurt, since every player is living in their own bubble.

Bubble football is not accidentally one of the most popular free time activities (ok, maybe a bit of exaggeration, but it is rapidly gaining popularity). It is good work out too, since it moves every muscle in your body, even the ones you use for those heartfelt laughs. It’s great fun for the little ones and adults too, because, you know, everybody loves football! Take a deep look into your heart - we know you do too. We only have one limitation, players have to weigh less than 100 kilos. Don’t take it personally!

Here is the opportunity to have the time of your life - book bubble football while you spend your time in Budapest. Bring your sport clothes, some old shoes and most importantly - all your friends. This is a game best played with at least six people, but the more the merrier!

Still not convinced? Just check this video out presented by BuzzFeed:

While in real football (or soccer, whatever rocks your boat) rolling, falling, failing, fighting would mean the end of the game (at least for you), in bubble football it is only the beginning!

Bubble Football Referee

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