Muscle strains – hamstring and groin strains are common in football, and are caused by sudden movements, running or slowing down rapidly, twisting, kicking or jumping. These can be treated by using RICE – Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevation, but the strains can be best prevented by ensuring you have enough time warming up and stretching before play.

Knee injuries – commonly Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injuries, as the ACL is one of the ligaments in the knee joint, and can be caused by landing from a jump, or slowing suddenly. These can be treated with rest and physiotherapy in less serious cases, and may be also be prevented by warming up and stretching by doing squats or lunges, as well as wearing protected clothing and following a nutritious diet.

Fractures – these are bone injuries or breaks, and can be closed or open, when the bone perforates the skin. These may be caused by a direct tackle or a fall, and usually need to be treated with a plaster cast followed by physiotherapy. Fracture may be avoided by strengthening the leg muscles, taking regular breaks, and being careful!

Turf toe – this is an injury to the joint at the base of the big toe, and is caused when the toe is forcefully jammed or bent backward too far. It is often caused by play on hard surfaces, such as astroturf, so choose your ground carefully. Also remember to take frequent breaks.

One way to ensure that you are almost completely safe from injury is to go for the bubble football variety, a game that’s guaranteed to be an experience of great fun and laughter with your friends every time. Bubble Football Budapest can provide you with all that is needed for this new, challenging and enjoyable game, so book your session now!

Bubble Football Referee

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