We don’t say that you need to have the best shoes on for this Bubble football game, you don’t even need proper football shoes to play with us. Relax, this article is for those who want to look stylish and for those who want to learn about the top 3 best football shoes of all time. We like to educate and learn more about football history, so come and join us in this journey! 

In an ever growing culture of fashion in football, what you're wearing on your feet has always been one of the most hotly discussed components of the game – even in professional bubble football!

Let's face it - nobody wants to wear the worst football boots, no matter what level you're playing at, what field you're playing on. Often players wear boots based on how lucrative the contract is, they have to enjoy the sensation, feel good in their shoes and perform as good as they can on the field.

The sportswear industry's big players have continued to innovate and revolutionize the boot game for decades, making for plenty of iconic silos and colourways worn by our favorites in the games. Are these models still available and would you wear one in order to beat the other team in bubble football? 

3rd place goes to - Adidas F50 adizero (2010)

With the start of the decade ushering in a boom for lightweight boots, the end of the decade saw some of its best efforts born.

The first F50 adizero was striking. Lionel Messi took names and ankles in a ridiculously lightweight boot that came in a variety of standout colors, complete with a slick synthetic upper. Just don't expect defenders to treat you kindly in them, because these shoes mean danger!

Nike Mercurial Vapor IV (2008)

You think of speed boots, you think of these. The second place goes to the Nike Mercurial Vapor IV, another icon in the history of soccer shoes.

The F50 vs Mercurial battle around the late 2000s was incredible. Messi in the F50s, Cristiano Ronaldo in the Mercurial with a seriously unique lace cover, carbon fiber sole and striking design that looked as fast as it felt. A nightmare to get on and off, but an unworldly pair of boots. Bring them back.

Adidas Predator Mania (2002)

No tricks, no surprises, no nonsense to top the list. A fitting way to describe the adidas Predator Mania, too.
Introduced ahead of the 2002 World Cup, the Mania debuted in a stunning royal blue colourway and immediately gripped football culture enthusiasts and boot nerds. The metal blades, the tongue, the leather, all crafted perfectly to allow Zidane, Beckham, Raul and many others to ball out at the top. Predators - and perhaps football boots - peaked here.

Which one is your favourite? Come and try our bubble football in Budapest even if you don’t have any of these shoes, the game will be incredible and fun! Bring along your friends and organize a game together on the Bubble Football Budapest fields.

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