The online community developed interest for football pretty soon, so memes came and conquered. The best ones got to millions of users and still get new edits and content according to the latest trends. Bubble football in Budapest is not yet in the list, but we hope to get there soon! Let us give you some moments in football that triggered the imagination of the internet!

A notable event in football history was the finals of the 2006 World Cup, when Zinadine Zidane headbutted the Italian Marco Materazzi. The spectacle was seen by the whole world, around 260 million people followed it live on television. Since then, the people of the internet managed to photoshop Zidane into all kinds of situations, from Spartan warrior to street fighter character.

Another fine moment on screen was Mario Balotelli’s goal celebration at the 2012 Eurocup. Balotelli flexed his muscles and was showing of his abs, the picture literally went viral on the internet. Photoshop brought a little help and now you can see him holding a hydraulic press, being part of the Avengers, or simply driving a Roman chariot. We can thank the player for providing countless hours of entertainment for the world.

The US team on the 2014 World Cup had one moment with goalkeeper Tim Howard that was enshrined in memes for eternity. He was certainly the man of the match, still the US lost against Belgium 2-1. Anyway, photoshop artists imagined what are the things Tim Howard could save. So now you can see the goalkeeper saving Mufasa in the Lion King, the Titanic from an iceberg, or protecting Bambi. His great performance was recognized by professionals and meme artists as well.

During the 2014 World Cup, the Mexican team was playing against Croatia, the Mexicans scored and this prompted a hilarious reaction from the team’s coach Miguel Herrera. His happiness cannot be denied, his leap into the sky prompted the best reactions the internet can put together. He’s now a super saijian from Dragon Ball, professional boxer or smackdown hero.

Check out these cool memes on the internet and you will surely get into a mood for football. Bubble football Budapest lets you try football in another fun and crazy way. Check out our site and book your adventure today!

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