Many people would think that playing bubble football is not as much fun as playing normal football, but we can prove to you that this is just as much excitement and fun as playing regular soccer.

How is that possible? We will show you our go to tricks and magic moves to make the field the best place to be. Bubble football in Budapest is probably the best experience you can have in Budapest.

Though an around the world trick may look difficult and confusing, it’s actually not. Professionals also spend many hours practicing and finalising these moves. You only need to follow a few simple steps to learn this awesome soccer trick. It may take a little bit of practice before you master it, but we at the bubble football team like to take these challenges seriously and practice until we can. 

First, we would like to go through the basics of the first move, the juggling and striking of the ball. But before you start, find your favourite ball and start practicing with that.

Find a firm, dry surface.  – This is essential when it comes to this trick. You should attempt this trick on a soccer turf, in the grass, or in a gym, but given the bubble football field, you will have to deal with the grass surface here. Avoid practicing outside during wet conditions, which could cause you to slip. Pick a firm and level surface to practice on.

After choosing the right surface, you can start with balancing a soccer ball on your dominant foot. Practice balancing the ball on top of your foot without letting it roll off. Once you've succeeded, try to hold the ball for as long as possible. 

Juggle the ball on your foot with little to no spin. Work on reducing the amount of spin as much as you can. The ball should bounce straight up and down on your foot.

Keep the ball very low. Don’t juggle the ball too hard or too high, both of which can make this trick more difficult. Juggle the ball very slightly so that it stays below your knee, which will give you more control over it. How is it going by now? Give yourself some time before giving up! Bubble football is not easy, bouncing the ball is not easy, but if we would succeed for the first time it wouldn’t be exciting at all.

Bounce a little on your planted foot. The foot which remains on the ground should bounce slightly when you move it around the ball. This gives you the extra height and momentum you need to get your foot all the way around the ball before it hits the ground.

Hit the ball with the outside of your dominant foot. Hitting the ball with the outside, rather than the inside, of your foot gives you more time to loop your foot around the ball while it is in the air. 

And that is basically it! How did it go? 

No worries, if it’s not perfect yet, it will be! Come and practice with us on the field with your friends and the bubble football team in Budapest!

Bubble Football Referee

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