Indoor field

Want to play bubble football on the coldest day of your life? Why not? If you want to get to the field and play with your mates on a freezing winter day, we can reserve indoor football pitches for you at Bubble Football Budapest – and it has so much more advantages than you can imagine!

There are obvious reasons why someone prefers an indoor gaming field in off-season. If you didn’t grow up in a Northern country, you probably don’t like to play outside sports when the temperature is close to zero. Heavy sweating out in the cold – which is natural when you run constantly for an hour or more - can cause many health problems, and getting cold is just the beginning of the list. An indoor field can protect your health, although it does not guarantee you won’t break a bone... But that’s why you have an extra bubble shell protection, remember?

While you’re staying perfectly healthy and having fun, you are well protected from any other weather conditions. Think about how much you hate playing football when the weather is windy, or worse, it’s raining: the field becomes awfully slippery, you can’t see anything, neither the ball nor your own teammates... Admit it, you’d rather skip that if you have the chance. On an indoor pitch you don’t have to worry about these circumstances either.

Outdoor field

There are some more you probably didn’t think about earlier. Most of the times indoor football pitches are slightly smaller than outdoor fields, or at least they feel like they are. There are less distractions while you’re playing, so you can concentrate more on the game and on each other. Because the area’s bounded by walls in every direction, the ball can rebound from anywhere in any second: you have to be more alert and take action more often, since there’s almost no time to stop and rest while the game is on. There are more chances to touch the ball, and it’s better to take advantage of this, as it can improve your fitness and your football skills as well.

Want to try it for yourself, or do you still have some more questions? Don’t hesitate to write us!

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