What is bubble football?

Bubble football is the latest madness in Budapest! The game involves two teams getting into inflatable man-sized bubbles and playing football, except this time there are no faults, no yellow cards and no penalties! Do anything within your power to score the ball and keep the opposing team from scoring: tackle, body slam, roll around - you name it, the bubbles keep it fun and safe. Interested in knowing the history of bubble football? Find out more about bubble football.

Do you want to try it out? Bubble Football Budapest has you covered! With our organized games, all you need to do is give us a date and the number of players, we'll sort out the rest for you. Our services include rental of the inflateable bubbles, rental of the football field and transportation for your teams and equipment to the location of the game!

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What you get:

Football Field Rental

First of all, the base price includes the football field rental, which is an essential component if someone wants to play bubble football. Here at Bubble Football Budapest a game usually lasts one hour, but if the provided time is not enough and you feel like you want to spend more time on the field, please ask us first. We can manage to reserve some extra gaming time for you and your friends.
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Zorb balls

The whole point of bubble football, the most amusing part in this game is definitely the bubble ball itself, also known as a Zorb ball! We provide one extra safe, inflatable bubble ball for each player in the most fitting size. When you apply for a game, please have in mind that we have a weight limit: because of security reasons we cannot let you on the field over 110 kg / 242 lbs..
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Referee to oversee the match

Just like in an ordinary football match, you’ll probably need a referee who mediates your gameplay while you’re having fun and being careless on the field with your mates. If you don’t have any officially trained friends to come with you and deal with the madness, don’t worry: at Bubble Football Budapest we provide a trained referee for every game! Of course, no yellow cards included.

Basic football equipment

At last, but not least: you also get a proper football for the game – we promise it’s not another bubble ball! Luckily you don’t have to bring your own football to play. Unfortunately we cannot give you training suits, so please pack some safe and comfortable clothes for yourself, including shoes as well.


Transfer to the football field
(5€ / person)

We save you the hassle of getting to the field and back by providing transfer services for your team and gear from your desired location to the football field! Ask for a quote! Add extra

(35€ / cheerleader)

Make your football match even more exciting with beautiful girls cheering for your team's success. Ask for cheerleaders for your game and we will sort everything out! Add extra
Bubble Football Referee

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Just select the package you're interested in and we will send you the details alongside your bubble football booking information.