The origin of bubble football

Bubble football is a norwegian invention popularized by a local TV show. The game started out as a joke but quickly gained popularity among locals and the internet, spreading throughout Europe and the United States. Today, bubble football is largely popular as a refreshing accessory to stag parties and corporate team buildings.

The game made its debut in Hungary in 2015 and is now widely available around Budapest. The city offers multiple football pitches to experience bubble football for the first time, or if you've already tried it, quench your newfound addiction to it! Want to try out bubble football? Drop us a message through the contact form and we'll get back to you right away!

What is bubble football?

Bubble football involves two teams getting into body-sized inflateable bubbles and playing football by a modified set of rules: everything is permitted to get through the defenders, there are no faults and yellow cards. The bubbles make sure you don't hurt yourselves while playing football like madmen, and let's be honest, nothing is more fun than bouncing around in huge transparent bubbles!

Bubble football games, just like regular football matches, usually last 60 minutes. The victor is decided by the number of goals scored during the game. Every match is supervised by a referee, but in bubble football, his job isn't to look for faults and give out penalties, but to make sure you don't do something so crazy even the bubbles won't protect you. So do you feel like trying Bubble football in Budapest? Let's go!

Bubble Football Referee

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