What to know about the extra cheerleading?

Our team of awesome cheerleaders will sure make your game of bubble football unforgettable! Take your team's motivation to the next level with the ambiance and energy provided by a professional cheerleading group. These skilled and decorative girls will keep you going no matter what, and this can mean the difference between winning and losing at bubble football. For only 35€ per cheerleader, we arrange everything for you to meet these awesome ladies at the football field when your game starts! Book cheerleaders for your game of bubble football here!

Is there an age limit to play bubble football?

You can play the game from the age of 5.

Are the inflateable bubbles safe?

The bubbles, or zorb balls are proven to be completely safe and are inspected before every game.

How long does a game last?

Typically bubble football matches last an hour, but you can book more time if you feel like you could take more!

Is there a weight limit to play bubble football?

The weight limit on the bubbles is 110kg.

How many people can play bubble football?

We can accomodate 2 teams up to 12 people (24 total), but you can try bubble football with as few as 6 people.

Can we play drunk?

Sorry, while bubble football is safe, bouncing around in bubbles while drunk may cause serious dizziness, so playing while intoxicated is not recommended.

Is everything really permitted?

Within the limits of sanity, yes!

Bubble Football Referee

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