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The football in Hungary back then and now 

We all remember having physical education classes in school, spending a free afternoon with friends, participating in team-building exercises, or going to sports days, but there was always one thing that was present: football. Because football is a global sport that is played in many different countries, you can be sure that you will never have to explain the rules to anyone no matter where you go. 

Every nation, including Hungary, has its own unique narrative when it comes to the sport of football. Football was first played in our country in 1875, and Miksa Esterházy is credited with bringing it here after falling in love with the sport while traveling abroad. However, it wasn’t until 15 years later that it became famous, when articles about football started appearing and people started paying attention to them. In the year 1885, the first clubs were established, and by the end of the 19th century, Hungary had a total of four clubs. After the Budapest Gymnastics Club (BTC) played the first official match in 1897, the sport began to receive a growing number of spectators and was eventually recognized as an international sport. 

Following the establishment of the Hungarian Football Association in 1901, BTC competed in and won the first Hungarian football championship. At the time, BTC was the reigning champion. Also during this time period, the national team of Hungary was formed, and during this time period, the national team competed against itself for the very first time. In 1902, the Hungarian national team faced off against the Austrian national team in what is considered to be the first ever official match played between two nations. 

Success did not begin to accrue to Hungary until much later, with the country’s first major victory coming in the form of an Olympic gold medal in 1952, followed by two more in the 1960s. Additionally, throughout the 1950s, 1960s, and 1980s, they were victorious at both the European and World Championships. Although it is more difficult to achieve success in today’s climate, Hungarian football players continue to have success on the pitch. 

Why Bubble Football Budapest?

A great number of young people look up to footballers and enjoy participating in the sport, either on their own time or while attending practices. Despite this, there are a lot of people who aren’t into this kind of sport, which is something that has the potential to shift. This physically demanding game has been given a new lease on life thanks to the invention of bubble football, which serves not only as a workout but also as an entertaining pastime. And it’s also recommended for adults; whether it’s a stag party or a team-building event, bubble football is guaranteed to bring everyone in the group closer together. Bubble football is a fun activity that is perfect for children’s birthday parties because even the youngest guests can join in on the action. 

Put on some nice clothes, gather your closest friends, engage in some friendly competition, and then play a satisfying game of football. Because of the balls, there is no possibility that you will sustain an injury. It is highly recommended that at least once in your life you participate in this thrilling activity, which will provide you with plenty of stories to share with your friends.

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Our team of awesome cheerleaders will sure make your game of bubble football unforgettable! Take your team’s motivation to the next level with the ambiance and energy provided by a professional cheerleading group. These skilled and decorative girls will keep you going no matter what, and this can mean the difference between winning and losing at bubble football. For only 35€ per cheerleader, we arrange everything for you to meet these awesome ladies at the football field when your game starts! Book cheerleaders for your game of bubble football here!

You can play the game from the age of 5.

The bubbles, or zorb balls are proven to be completely safe and are inspected before every game.

Typically bubble football matches last an hour, but you can book more time if you feel like you could take more!

The weight limit on the bubbles is 110kg.

We can accomodate 2 teams up to 12 people (24 total), but you can try bubble football with as few as 6 people.

Sorry, while bubble football is safe, bouncing around in bubbles while drunk may cause serious dizziness, so playing while intoxicated is not recommended.

Within the limits of sanity, yes!

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